7 days new {C} :: Atlanta Newborn Photographer

I can't believe it's been our Claire is a week old today. Sweet baby girl. I drove down to Keith and Mattie's today for her newborn shots. She was perfect! I mean it, absolutely perfect. It was the easiest newborn session I've ever had. ♥ Claire and I, we're gonna be tight. I can already tell. There are about a million images to work through...well, maybe just 60! But I wanted to throw up a sneak peak of a few that I liked so far. ♥ Isn't she lovely!?!

the birth of {C} :: Atlanta Birth Photographer

So can I tell you something? I had a top ten day this week. You know, one of those days in your life that is right up there with the other best days of your life? Yep. That's what it was. Our beautiful baby "C"made her arrival at 3:17pm. Weighing 8lbs 4oz and at 20.5 inches long...she is absolutely breathtaking.

I couldn't believe it a few months ago when my brother, Keith, and his wife, Mattie, asked me to photograph the birth of their first child.

 I think I danced in my living room a little bit.

 Right in front of them.

 And y'all, I don't dance.

 I'm certain I cried.

 Never in a million years would I have ever asked or expected them to allow me this privilege. I worked in labor and delivery for several years before our babies were born. I'm comfortable there, have seen it all. But giving birth, especially to your first child, is a sacred event. It just is. Everything is new and uncertain. How you will react to the pain and what you will be like during labor is a great unknown for first time mamas. But she was a rock star! And before we knew it, sweet baby "C" was here!

Red Thread Session :: the family {M}

I met the family {M} for a Red Thread session tonight. :) I recently joined the ranks of photographers who are offering free sessions to families who have adopted {within the last three months}. They were such a sweet family and it was my pleasure to serve them in this way. It seems like a small thing to me...about 5 hours of my time from start to finish. Don't get me wrong, that is precious time spent away {sort of!} from my own family. But after you have walked the {at least} year long and costly road of adoption, you just need something to be free! So I was happy to do this for them and hope to fill my other three open spots for Red Thread sessions in the months to come. :)

Dear Josh and Christy, 
 It was so nice meeting all of you. You have a precious family. I will be praying for Miss A's adjustment over the next several weeks and hope that these pictures will bring a smile to your face in the years to come. Thank you for seeing the great blessing it is to graft an orphan into your family! You are indeed blessed! 
 For His fame alone~ Kam